Next Level Chess

Project Name:

Next Level Chess



Project Layouts:


We transformed a chess blog owned by a renowned grandmaster into a leading platform for chess enthusiasts. Our client’s goal was to provide an engaging and informative experience, attracting a global audience and solidifying the website’s authority in the chess community.

What We Have Done:

  1. Redesigned the user interface with a clean and simple layout.
  2. Created a new unique and recognizable design to stand out from the competitors.
  3. Implemented social media integration and developed a strategy for content promotion.
  4. Crafted a visually appealing layout reflecting the client’s new brand identity.
  5. Ensured seamless browsing experience across all devices.


After implementing these enhancements, traffic increased by 48% with improved engagement and content sharing. The website became a go-to resource for chess players worldwide, fostering a sense of community and establishing its authority.


Through collaboration with the grandmaster, we transformed the chess blog into a premier platform. By combining expertise, modern web technologies, and user-centric design, we successfully created an impactful online destination for chess enthusiasts.