Gain more clients
with customized website solutions

It does not matter if your company has a website or not – you are currently missing out on a huge amount of revenue which is now coming to your competitors.

You have a service or product which can help your dream customers, but for some reason, they do not realize such a good value for themselves.

We create a website, online store or landing page which not only serves as an online business card but really generates new customers.

Why is your current website not bringing customers?

Too slow

Too slow

If your website is too slow, you will lose the visitor before he finds out about you
Too complicated

Too complicated

Your website is too complicated, does not have a well-developed structure, and confuse your visitors
Old design

Old design

Your website design looks old, boring and untrustworthy for your potential prospects
Where is the value?

Where is the value?

If the visitor does not quickly realize a lot of added value for himself, he jumps off and never comes back
You do not stand out

You do not stand out

Your website does not stand out from your competitors and looks the same as others
It takes more than 8 seconds

It takes more than 8 seconds

The attention span of your website visitors is on average only 8 seconds according to statistics

The Solution

A website that explains your offer quickly and comprehensibly, and guides the visitor to make the right decision in your favor.

Our websites help you attract more clients if ...
You are good

You are good at what you do

Your offer or service brings real value to your customers and makes them happier
Trust is a must

Trust is a must

Your website creates trust and keeps users attention longer with thoughtful design
Smarter way of developing

Smarter way of developing

Your website is developed to take your customer step by step to your business without losing attention
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Working with us

Find out how you can work with us


Working with us

At Udevv Digital Agency we love nothing more than unleashing our creativity on new projects so that you can see the results your hard work deserves. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept all requests since we are receiving a lot of them. We only work with companies we can really help.

This is how it works:
website design

1. Complete the questionnaire

Provide us with some information about your company and product or service you offer.
website development

2. Analyzing the potential

If your application is promising, one of our experts will assess your company potential together with you.

ecommerce solutions

3. Your strategy development

During our first strategy session, we develop together a customized strategy based on our Udevv Conversion Model formula.

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The First Contact

What you will get
after the first free consultation

What happens in our first strategy consultation?

First call

Good preparation is half the battle. In our free initial consultation, one of our professionals will work with you to develop your strategy. We will even create the basic concept for your website, online store or landing page to achieve the best possible results.

Ready to Transform Your Business?
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Easy Steps to a Brand New Website

Next steps in the production process

How your new website is created

We believe in keeping things simple, that's why we've devised an easy production process which allows us to turn big ideas into profitable websites.


Talk with one of our experts about your offer or service, your target market, your unique selling points, and your objectives.


Next, we develop a structure for your website and write a copy based on our Udevv Conversion Model formula for success.


Once you are 100% satisfied with the copy, we will create a design for the website.


Now we bring your new website to life. We write code, take care of all the development parts for you, and launch the website.


Your website is live. Is the job done? NO! We go further and make website live tests to be sure you get the highest conversion rates!

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The Udevv Approach

The smarter way
to grow your business

What makes us unique?

We want to make the process of growing your business online as easy as clicking a button, so that's exactly what we've done. With everything you need under one roof, all you need to do is get in touch, and we'll take care of the rest.

websites that work

Websites that Work

We're proud of everything we put our name to, and only develop solutions that we’d use ourselves. It means usability and reliability are right at the top of our list of priorities - perfect for the peace of mind you've been looking for.
quality and experience

Quality and Experience

Your satisfaction is central to everything we do because without happy customers we wouldn't be able to do what we love for a living. That's why we've created simple bespoke packages which allow you to pay for everything you need, and nothing more.
development with roi in mind

Development With ROI in Mind

Every business needs to see a strong ROI, which is why we focus on creating online solutions that guarantee you sales. Perfect for ensuring your business goes from strength to strength in no time at all.
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Meet Our Customers

Hear what they have to say

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About Udevv

Who will transform
your business

Vlad Kotlov

Vlad Kotlov

CEO, Lead Manager

Vlad sold his first website at the age of 17. Since then, the trained PhD computer scientist and his team have created and successfully launched more than 50 websites for their clients as Udevv team.

Over the past few years, Vlad helped successful companies such as TribalMastermind & LoftFilm establish their brand on the market and generate sales through their online presence and social media.

He uses his own techniques and know-hows gained from years of experience in web development and digital marketing to make the websites not just pretty, but also effective. With this approach, Udevv Digital quickly developed into a successful web agency.

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